Birmingham Greek Club

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Current Programme

Other than the Summer Social, meetings now begin at 7pm and finish by 9pm, with the main event starting at 7:30pm sharp.

Programme for 2019
7 Feb 2019AGM and New Year celebration (Vasilopitta)
7 Mar 2019Prof. Robert Arnott: "Crossing continents – Greece and India before Alexander the Great"
4 Apr 2019Easter Symposio (members' contributions)
2 May 2019George Matheou: "P. Kaloudis, sculptor and archaeologist – repairing the Lion of Chaeronea and other ancient statues"
6 Jun 2019Various contributors: "Greek Women Talking"
10 Aug 2019Summer Social: Farmhouse Restaurant at the Jinney Ring Craft Centre, Hanbury, for lunch at 12.30pm
3 Oct 2019Peter Coxhead: "Flowers of the Aegean"
7 Nov 2019Jim Dean: "Plato"
5 Dec 2019Christmas Social
Programme for 2020
6 Feb 2020AGM and New Year celebration (Vasilopitta)
Meetings will continue on the first Thursday of the month until June. Details will appear here in due course.
At the Christmas Social, we traditionally sing Greek carols.