Birmingham Greek Club

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Current Programme

Programme for 2017
12 Jan 2017(second Thursday of the month) AGM and Vasilopitta
2 Feb 2017Ray Aspden: "The Persians by Aeschylus"
2 Mar 2017Anne Zouroudi: "Death in the Aegean: the mysteries of the Greek detective"
6 Apr 2017Easter Symposio (members' contributions)
4 May 2017Lina Domouxi: "Living painting: the art of Costas Tsoclis"
1 Jun 2017Athanasia Stavrou: "Society and the issue of identity in the late Byzantine period"
12 Aug 2017Summer Social: Farmhouse Restaurant at the Jinney Ring Craft Centre, Hanbury, for lunch at 12.30pm
7 Sep 2017No meeting
5 Oct 2017Film "A Basket of Food", part 2
2 Nov 2017Archie Dunn: "Corinth in Byzantine Times"
7 Dec 2017Christmas Social
At the Christmas Social, we traditionally sing Greek carols.