Birmingham Greek Club

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Current Programme

Because of the Covid-19 outbreak, all meetings are taking place by Zoom until further notice. Members whose e-mail addresses we have will be sent a link. Contact the Secretaries for further information.

All planned meetings are subject to change at short notice.

Planned programme from Autumn 2020 onwards
1 Oct 2020Ken Wardle: "From Mycenae to Wessex – European Trade" (Zoom)
5 Nov 2020"Aristotle" (Zoom)
3 Dec 2020Online Christmas Social, including quiz and Greek carols (Zoom)
4 Feb 2021"The Philosophers Socrates and Plato"
4 Mar 2021Doreen Fryer: "Perachora in Corinthia"
1 Apr 2021"The 200th anniversary of the Greek War of Independence"
6 May 2021George Matheou: "Vice Admiral Emmanuel Matheou"
3 Jun 2021Peter Coxhead: "Theophrastus, the father of botany"
7 Aug 2021(Saturday) Summer Social if conditions permit
7 Oct 2021Symposium
4 Nov 2021Diana Wardle: "Reconstruction of Greek bronze age costumes"
2 Dec 2021Christmas Social if conditions permit